Copywriting Case Studies

Case Studies


Camatic Seating based in Melbourne Australia, designs and manufactures seating for the largest entertainment venues around the world, from NFL stadiums in the US to movie theatres in Europe and Asia.


Camatic undertook a large website overhaul and wanted to target their emerging US market. They needed content that focussed on the customer and sounded less technical and sales-like.


Starting with their most recent projects, we found a way to easily show their expertise and range of products through a one-page snapshot that was easy for readers to scan. American English was used to reflect their target audience.


Case studies reflected their capabilities as a leading manufacturer but also demonstrated how they can solve customer problems with customised products. They now have a case study template that they can follow for future projects.


Camatic Seating






I really like it. Very different to what we normally do. It has emotion to it and communicates just how important this project is to us and how significant it is.