I’m a copywriter

As a copywriter, my job is to write well-crafted sentences and make your job easier. I’ll help you speak to your customers by creating content that builds a stronger relationship with your audience that leads to sales.

Forget about fretting over the best adjective for your headline or if a comma is needed. When you hand it over to a professional, you’ll know it’s done right.


How I became a copywriter

I’ve been in marketing my entire career. As a marketing communications coordinator for multinational 3M Company, I experienced all things marcom related. I have a business marketing degree from Texas Tech University and a graduate certificate in marketing communications. Over time, I noticed marketing writing was what I loved most. I now focus on copywriting. Anything from websites and thought leadership articles to sales landing pages and annual reports for businesses of all sizes.


How I got to the Mid North Coast

In 2014, after two marathon Minnesota winters, my husband and I sold all our possessions, hopped on a plane with our two young boys and our Labrador, Darwin, and moved to Australia for a year (maybe two). After seven years, I’m proud to be both an Australian and American living in beautiful Port Macquarie.

Who I work with

    • Web developers
    • Marketing agencies
    • Other copywriters
    • Small business owners ready to grow
    • Medium businesses that value content marketing
    • Large businesses who need an expert writer on their team

Who I don’t work with

Clients who want a sales landing page promising someone a 7figure income if they sell the thing. I also don’t work with earlystage startups who haven’t worked through a business or marketing plan. A business consultant is the first place for them.

Can a copywriter do this?

If your marketing efforts need words, you need a copywriter. And it’s often more than just the words. As a copywriter, I know how to structure a website, develop a video storyboard and design a content plan.

My website isn’t ranking and sounds too corporate. Can you help with SEO copywriting?

Yes, I can. Corporate speak is old-school, so shed the formality for plain English. Keyword research and strategic placement of your keywords within your website is what I do.

Our capability statement needs more pizazz. Can you polish it?

Sure, no problem. Editing an existing piece is an easy way to freshen up a valuable sales piece.

We know we need to write blog posts but don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Of course. Let’s start with why you think you need blog articles. 

Videos would help our brand, can you write the script?

You betcha!

(Sorry, a Minnesota reference only some will get.)

I know what I want to say on my website but don’t know how to lay it out. Is that what you do?

Yes. Copywriters work closely with web developers. I can create the site layout and suggest sections and image placement. 

Can you create a tone and voice style guide for us?

I’d love to. If your business is ready for next-level marketing, a TOV guide will make your marketing efforts more consistent.

Our annual report needs to tell our brand story in a more engaging way. Can you fix it?

Absolutely. Annual reports are a marketing piece that lets you tell your story in a big way. 

How about product descriptions, sales landing pages, thought leadership articles, email campaigns and pitch decks?

Yes to all the above.